About Us

We are a modern Medical Hospital

Comprehensive Care Hospital and Fertility Center is an entity with the Comprehensive Care Group :

  1. Comprehensive Care hospital & Fertility Centre (CCH&FC),
  2. Comprehensive Care Eye Centre (CEC),
  3. Comprehensive Care Media (CCMedia) and
  4. Comprehensive Care Foundation (CCF).

Comprehensive Care Ltd, was founded on the 15th August 2010. The company was established as a limited liability company to deliver excellent home-based health care services inspired by love.

Over the years the home-based health care company metamorphosed into a clinic, when management entered into a lease agreement and took over the management of Rose Clinic at Lartebiokorshie. Today the group operates the above listed entities with various mandates which are all anchored on the vision of delivering excellent services inspired by love.

Our Vision

Comprehensive Care Hospital and Fertility Centre (CCH &FC)

CCH is the pioneer company of the Comprehensive Care Group. The idea to venture into the operation of clinics instead of the home-based health care services was born when Dr. Titus Beyuo was contacted by a colleague to discuss an opportunity for leasing a clinic operated by a retired doctor who was terminally ill. Rose Clinic was therefore the first clinic operated by CCL in 2011. The Lease agreement was terminated by the end of June 2013.

CCH was established on the 14th July 2013 to improve access to healthcare and was initially marketed as Jevet Family Clinic. Located at Kasoa Kaemebre, CCH begun with a staff strength of four (4) and as succeeded using the experience gained from Rose clinic and the lessons learnt from our Home Care services.



We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Heart disease can strike anyone at any age, but our heart and vascular specialists can diagnose the disease and create a plan of care.

Comprehensive Care Media (CCMedia)

CC Media was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of CCL. It is the media wing of the group. It was born out the media activities of Dr. and Dr. Mrs. Beyuo. It offers media consultancy services, develops health content and is involved in production.

It was set up the meet the societal need of demand for authentic health content for various media platforms. Since its establishment, CCMedia has partnered various companies to produce and televise various health programmes that have become household brands in Ghana and beyond. These include the award winning ‘OR show’, and ‘fruits of the womb’.

Comprehensive Care Foundation (CCF)

CCF is a not-for profit organization established in June 2017 to execute various charity activities. Its activities are focussed on health, education and poverty alleviation. It seeks to bridge the gap in access to healthcare through various health outreach programmes and health systems support.

CCF through its outreach activities brought free healthcare to the people of the Lambussie district, where over 2000 people received free healthcare including free surgeries, during its July 2017 outreach codenamed ‘Dr. Beyuo Medical Outreach’. Earlier on in the year, the outreach team visited Nyamebekyere in the Afram Plains North District to offer a similar free healthcare service.

We promised to take care… and delivered

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  • Comprehensive Care Hospital provided great patient care as well as customer service for my child. Their caregivers really cared about my child's well-being and displayed it on a daily basis.
    Mary Rose Treated for 2 weeks
  • Comprehensive Care Hospital is a high-quality, urgent care Hospital where adults can see a doctor for common health issues that are not life-threatening.
    Lilian Jones Visitor
  • The first gift to your newborn should be the right hospital. Learn more about having your baby with us.
    Lemon Trevor X Patient