Comprehensive Care Foundation

Comprehensive Care Foundation (CCF)
CCF is a not-for profit organization established in June 2017 to execute various charity activities. Its activities are focussed on health, education and poverty alleviation. It seeks to bridge the gap in health care access through various health outreach programmes and health systems support.

CCF through its outreach activities brought free healthcare to the people of the Lambussie district, where over 2000 people received free healthcare including free surgeries, during its July 2017 outreach codenamed ‘Dr. Beyuo Medical Outreach’. Earlier on in the year, the outreach team visited nyamebekyere in the Afram Plains north District to offer a similar free healthcare services

Out Reach Program

  • Free Health Screening
  • Free Health Training
  • Free Health advice
  • Free Medication
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery
  • Family planning
  • Societal contribution
  • To Care and treat tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year.
  • To Improve the daily life of the local community in suffering, including medical prevention.
  • To Develop major projects related to Free access to Health & Medical care
  • To Build and Operate its own Pediatric Hospital to treat thousands of children annually
  • To Work within the framework of so-called “emergency actions”
  • To Take care of people in danger, abandoned children, street children, victims of various types of trafficking
  • To Take care of people in danger, abandoned children, street children, victims of various types of trafficking
  • From time to time we come back here in the villages to offer free medical services to the people. Because of the hectic logistics involved, we try to see at least 200 patients and once we are done with them as we are doing today, whatever is left we refer them to local clinics to continue and whatever drugs left, we give to them.
  • Mostly elderly, middle aged and infants benefit from this medical service. We don’t do any testing such as drawing blood. What we run is a dry clinic whereby we know the majority of the indigent patients. Their most common complaints are arthritis, pains, among others. So, we try to give them drugs during the free medical services to relieve them from pains. They also complain of malaria and we usually go with enough malaria drugs for 200 patients and also multivitamins because sometimes mal-nutrition is a big issue here. So we give them multivitamins and other drugs.

Take action here, to do with us, a bigger difference… All people in pain, need champions like YOU. Get involved, speak out, volunteer, or become a donor and give to everyone a fair chance to succeed…